The City of Regina

The City of Regina chose Ticket Tracer in 2001 to replace an in house Oracle Parking Ticket Management system. Using the City of Saskatoon’s system as a base, extensive modifications and enhancements to meet Saskatchewan’s legal processes were added to the system on schedule and the system has been operational since 2002. Differing from Ontario, this version of Ticket Tracer is extensively court based and supports notices of pending summons, summons printing, summons service input, court docket printing for both plea and trial types of sessions, court disposition data entry, bench warrant generation, warrants of arrest etc. In 2005 non parking violations such as noise, Skateboarding, building, fire and licensing processing capabilities were added to Ticket Tracer. In 2006 and 2007, major legal changes were introduced in Saskatchewan affecting the enforcement of parking violations. Ticket Tracer was enhanced on time and on budget. Default convictions, re-openings, warrant of committal notices and  hearings, enforcement leading to liens and towing were added to Ticket Tracer. In 2016 an interface to support web payment of tickets was implemented in Ticket Tracer.