The City of Niagara Falls

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A client since 2005, Niagara Falls uses most of the features offered in Ticket Tracer. They have fully implemented Administrative Monetary Penalties and utilize Ticket Tracer’s AMP Screening and Hearing windows to record findings. Niagara Falls uses the extensive facilities of Ticket Tracer to generate correspondence via MS Word emails and attach the resulting letters to parking tickets. There is a direct interface to the Vadim accounting system for payments. Payments are also supported on the Niagara Falls web site using Ticket Tracer to display the amount owing and Paymentus to collect the payment via an API. Because of tourism, Niagara Falls deals with many parking violations with US plates. Ticket Tracer generates ownership requests for a US source of plate data and generates collection letters for these infractions. Ticket Tracer’s Services module handles permit issuance and renewals for a variety of permit types.